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Welcome to the Plan-B-Clan website
Welcome to our website.

We are a small, friendly, multi-national clan and have created this website to be the home and meeting place not only for our members but for all that use our servers


In order to participate and post on our forums yo will need to register. This only takes a minute and once you have been accepted you will be able to post and share your views, ideas, show off your games etc.

Games we play

We are not currently hosting a game server however we do play Battlefield 1, world of tanks and world of warships.

Join us on Teamspeak and we can fight it out on the battlefield.

To communicate with each other in game, we provide all our server users with a Teamspeak 3 server. Details can be found on the right and no password is needed.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and on behalf of all at PBC may I welcome you to our forums and invite you to join us on Teamspeak for some freindly banter.

Admin team
Battlelog Platoon

Other Games we play
A number of our members and regular users play world of tanks so we have created a world of tanks clan and will do the same for world of warplanes when the option becomes available. It is free for all to join our world of tanks clan and all members can use our teamspeak server when platooning. Our aim is to grow our clan so that we can participate in clan wars and stronghold missions in a competative way.

Click on one of the images below to go to our clan page where you can join.

We also play world of warplanes and world of warships.

Guests: 2, Members: 0 ...

most ever online: 33
(Members: 0, Guests: 33) on 12 Dec : 00:33

Members: 82
Newest member: Carcrazy
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bullet The_sod
17 Feb : 18:23
ok thanks for getting back is sully still about ?
bullet HardTarget
15 Feb : 20:47
Sod don't waste your money on COD WW2 It's a pile of shite!

Get either Battlefield or the new game a lot of the old COD gang are playing "PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS"
bullet [PBC]Bullet
11 Feb : 12:55
Hi sod.

Some do play codww2 online although no dedicated servers. I having played it for a while now though.
bullet The_sod
08 Feb : 09:22
Is it worth getting back into gaming, does the clan play it ?
bullet The_sod
08 Feb : 09:12
Hi all the sod here hows it going hows COD 11 is it good do you still play online in clan etc ?
bullet [PBC]Bullet
01 Jan : 13:30
Happy new year all
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
24 Dec : 08:24
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year lads and ladies
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
24 Nov : 19:56
Yes, it is down atm, ticket sent
to the supplier
bullet [PBC] Jaz
24 Nov : 19:23
ts is down
bullet [PBC] Jaz
24 Nov : 19:23
cod is a great game
bullet HardTarget
03 Nov : 21:55
Has to be the worst COD game ever! Gutted :/
bullet HardTarget
03 Nov : 14:28
Debs is downloading it right now.
bullet HardTarget
03 Nov : 14:27
Eagle playing COD again... Really? (HT sharpens knife)!
bullet [PBC]Eagle
03 Nov : 09:48
Downloading COD WW2 now
bullet [PBC]Bullet
30 Jul : 16:47
Website will be updated soon.
bullet The_sod
05 Feb : 09:26
Hi all sod here still about any of you play Warface ? and if yes is good thanks
bullet [PBC]Bullet
29 Jan : 15:21
bullet HardTarget
29 Jan : 11:32
Sharpens knife on surgical black arkansas stone! Come on Flatty where are you!
bullet The_sod
01 Jan : 19:56
Hi all how you going still about play Zombies WAW most the time when can with rest.
bullet [PBC]Eagle
31 Dec : 10:42
Hello Carcrazy
bullet Carcrazy
26 Dec : 12:00
hello guys
bullet [PBC]pmt-oz
05 Nov : 19:00
Hello Burty
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
27 Oct : 15:46
God game last night lads
bullet [PBC]RogerGlock
27 Oct : 15:46
Hello Burty
bullet [PBC]Eagle
26 Oct : 17:47
Hello Burty

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